30 days around the world with William Long

Managing Director, William – (or Willy Fog as he should perhaps be known!) – travels a lot through out the year to visit existing and potential clients all over the globe.


The last couple of months have been particularly busy, with William visiting the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, China and Thailand in May. With between 1 and 6 visits per day, William racked up nearly 30 importer visits in a month, as well as numerous store checks and visits to end restaurant and retail customers.


Although exhausting, William considers these schedules of visits, “absolutely vital to enable us to listen to our clients and gain an understanding of changing consumer needs in the different markets, helping improve our existing portfolio and shape new projects in the pipeline.”


William picked up on a strong and growing demand for quality, attractively packaged, organic wines in many markets that will be met with a new launch this autumn.