New Las Carlinas launch taps into Old Vine Garnacha trend

With Bloomberg asking if “Grenache is the new Pinot Noir?” and Jancis Robinson MW talking of a “dramatic revival in Garnacha’s reputation, Long Wines has picked up on the growing demand for attractively packaged Garnacha wines to launch Las Carlinas Old Vine Garnacha.

Long Wines Managing Director William Long comments:

“This is the definitive Old Vine Garnacha, crafted by our winemaker Fernando Mora and a small, specialist Garnacha winery in the D.O. Campo de Borja, one of the best areas in the world for sourcing low-yielding Garnacha fruit at an affordable price. Combining spiced minerality and floral hints, it is packed with fruit whilst maintaining its elegance and freshness, a style that is reflected in its modern, yet classic, premium packaging which evokes Spain’s native Carlina thistle.”

A carlina thistle pinned on a door to protect residents from “the evil eye”

A carlina thistle pinned on a door to protect residents from “the evil eye”

The grapes were sourced from low-yielding (max. 4,400kg/ha.) bush-trained vines of more than 25 years of age, grown on the region’s distinctive rusty-red ferrous and stony soil. Produced from hand-harvested grapes, stored in concrete tanks with 20% aged in French oak barrels for added complexity, Las Carlinas Old Vine Garnacha is a vibrantly aromatic wine with a particularly floral nose and lush fruit flavours with elegant minerality on the palate.

The name for the range comes from the carlina, a star-shaped thistle, pinned on doors to ward off evil spirits; it is a traditional symbol of protection and strength. Along with the garnacha grapevine and many other wild flowers, it thrives in the wild landscape and harsh climate of continental Spain.

The launch of the Old Vine Garnacha will be followed by a selection of organic wines in the Las Carlinas range later this year.

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