Long Wines passionate about latest launch

Long Wines’ latest launch, Chispas Apasionante taps into the growing trend for sweeter, full-bodied reds in many markets across Northern Europe. It is inspired by traditional Italian winemaking techniques, such as appassimento, when grapes are dried after harvest to concentrate sugars, creating fuller bodied, richer and often sweeter wines.

Produced in DO Cariñena, this rich, fruity red is made using selected local grape varieties Tempranillo and Garnacha with a touch of Merlot. The grapes are left to fully ripen on the vine and the wine chilled during fermentation to retain natural sweetness and juicy berry fruit flavours. The label reflects the style with romantic roses on a contrasting black background. The wine has been made in a small new bodega with winemaking supervised by Fernando Mora and Jorge Navascués.

This uniquely fruity red wine is popular with those who find many reds too acidic or tannic and presents many interesting food pairing opportunities. The off-dry style balances well with slightly spicy dishes, and also complements meat with fruit-based sauces, such as duck with plum sauce or pork with prunes.

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