New look for Pléyades wines

We’ve overhauled the labels for the Pléyades range of wines from Campo de Borja. Retaining the characteristic and popular doves that feature on the labels, we’ve brightened and modernized the design and introduced a colour scheme to help distinguish between the different varieties: a Chardonnay-Macabeo white, rosé Garnacha and two reds made from Syrah and Garnacha.

Pléyades is named after the seven daughters of Pleione and Atlas. According to Greek mythology, they were turned into doves before becoming the grape shaped constellation of stars that we can see shining brightly in the night sky.

The range of varietal wines, produced exclusively for Long Wines by a leading winery in Campo de Borja, offers exceptional value for money. The Garnacha recently won a Gold medal in the Frankfurt International Trophy 2018.