A Catanga in real life

One of William’s favourite summer pastimes is to take a stroll through or Spain’s scenic wine regions. On one such stroll he was pleased to come across a real live “Catanga”, an ancient dry stone walled hut where the grapes used to be stored and sometimes fermented after harvest. These traditional features of the Spanish countryside lend their name to our range of organic wines from Spain’s central La Mancha region.

The new packaging design for Catanga Organic makes a feature of the rocks that these huts are built from, stones that litter the vineyards. This stony soil and the dry climate allow the winery- one of Europe’s biggest organic wine projects – to produce high quality, crisp, mineral wines without the need for chemical pesticides.

The range includes two whites – an Airén- Sauvignon Blanc blend and a 100% Sauvignon Blanc – a Tempranillo rosé and a Tempranillo red. All fruit-forward, all very pure and clean. Exactly what our clients look for at the popular premium price point. And we know that they offer the best value-for-money around as we’ve carried out an extensive benchmarking exercise this year, sampling over 60 different organic wines from across Spain.