Music for pairing with wine at home

We’ve found listening to music while enjoying a glass of wine at the end of the day to be crucial to keeping us happy and sane during these weeks at home in Madrid. As the lockdown continues in many areas, Freddie Long – who has a musical background, and worked in the past with a company that put together playlists for hotels and restaurants – has compiled  a selection of tracks to pair with several wines from the Long Wines range.


Melea – Bjork – Utopia

Iceland’s Björk is known for campaigning on environmental issues. The title track from her 2017 Utopia album is a magical journey into nature that perfectly suits the tropical fruit flavours and grassy notes of Melea Organic Verdejo Sauvignon Blanc.


Puerto del Monte – Ishmael Ensemble – Chapel

Led by Bristolian multi-instrumentalist and part of the Long extended family, Ishmael Ensemble’s eclectic jazz cut swells with unfurling sounds. Modern and elegant, just like our Puerto del Monte Mencía.


Finca Mónica – Rosalía – Juro Que 

Top female artist Rosalía gives a cutting-edge twist to traditional flamenco music. A uniquely Spanish voice that combines typicity and modernity, like Finca Mónica Rioja Crianza: a graceful blend of terroir-driven Tempranillo from a higher altitude, single vineyard estate married to classic oak ageing characteristics.


El Bos – James Brown – I feel good

“Like sugar and spice,” El Bos Tempranillo and this soul hit channel pure masculine energy. Uncork a bottle and hit play to make for a good start to Friday evening on a quarantined date night!


Toca – Fragma – Toca’s Miracle (Inpetto Mix) 

Serve this upbeat hit from 2000 with a glass of Toca Cava, the vivacious bubbles and exhilarating sounds are sure to get you dancing and might just transport you mentally to the better times that lay ahead!

What do you listen to while sipping on your favourite wine at home?