Consolidated shipments from wineries in Spain

As international exporters working with more than twenty wineries across Spain, logistics are a crucial part of our business. We allow customers to purchase in a variety of ways – Ex-cellars – collecting directly from the winery- FOB consolidated from a port like Valencia or delivered to the importer’s country – including far-flung destinations like China, the USA or even Australia.


Elena Ramos has been working in the role of Logistics Manager for Long Wines since May 2019. She says, “I try to anticipate any problems that could arise, and I’m used to working as fast as possible to avoid any delays in the delivery of merchandise so our partners are never out of stock.”


There are a number of shipping companies, such Hillebrand, that offer competitive multi-supplier consolidation services, allowing importers to fill a container and considerably reduce their shipping costs.


By grouping together pallets of wine from different suppliers in their warehouses in cities like Valencia, Bilbao and Barcelona, and only shipping whole container loads, the cost per kg is considerably lower. Many also offer temperature-controlled services and will help with customs procedures, shipping directly to your warehouse.


The other option is to charter a container load to be directly collected from various points across Spain before being taken to a port for shipping, basically turning a LCL into a FCL.


Whatever you choose, we are delighted to help customers with any logistics enquiries, coordinating shipments with our partner wineries across Spain.

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