Melea Organic supports bee charities in the UK and USA

As part of its 1% for the planet membership, our organic wine brand, Melea, donates to a number of charities involved with improving biodiversity and protecting various species of bees.

This year, the brand became a member of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust in the UK and has also made a donation to the US-based Bee Conservancy.

The Bee Conservancy is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting bees, safeguarding the environment, and securing food justice through education, research, habitat creation, and advocacy. You can find out more or make a donation via their website.

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust makes efforts to monitor and conserve bumblebees and their habitat.

The story of bumblebees over the past century has been one of decline. Two species became extinct in the UK during the 20th century and a further eight species (a third of the remaining species) are currently listed as conservation priority species.

Bumblebees are great pollinators, and therefore play a key role in producing much of the food that we eat.

Visit their website  to find out more about how you can help by fundraising, planting bee-friendly plants or carrying out a survey.