A profile of customer service guru Mónica Saldaña

As we’ve reported recently, we’ve just relaunched Finca Mónica with new packaging inspired by the work of women in wine through history; everything from tending the vines, to making, packaging and selling the wines. As our team in Madrid is comprised mainly of women we thought it a good excuse to interview our very own Mónica – customer service contact, Mónica Saldaña.

Mónica joined Long Wines back in 2015. It was her first job in the wine sector, as previously she had worked in administrative roles in many sectors, most recently as advertising coordinator for interior design and video games magazines.

She says she was glad to make the move to Long Wines, as she has always been interested in wine, and since joining she has learnt a lot about winemaking and wineries. Her role as commercial assistant means that she is in constant contact with the clients, making her job dynamic and exciting. When asked what a typical day is like, she replies:

“No two days are the same! Our priority is to answer customers’ enquiries quickly and effectively, so I usually start by checking my emails, getting back to their questions and sending anything they need. We work as a team to solve any problems as quickly as possible, holding team meetings to cover important issues, with William where necessary. The rest of the day is spent preparing offers, sending information to customers, preparing reports, entering competitions and dealing with all the other things that come up.”

Mónica says she enjoys her job as it is very dynamic and she learns a lot, and even though it can be a little stressful at times, there is a great atmosphere in the office and time passes very quickly.

As for the new Finca Mónica packaging, she says, “I love the new label, it is very feminine, elegant and visually appealing. The wine itself is a must in my house for serving with Iberian ham, I love its modern profile that is both freshly fruity and richly textured.”

She comments that before joining Long Wines she expected the wine industry to be more “masculine” but was delighted to discover many women in ever more prominent roles – managing wineries and working as winemakers, export managers and buyers.

When she’s not in the office, Mónica likes to practice sports like paddle tennis and spinning and at the weekend she spends time with her family and friends, reading, going for walks and travelling.

You can contact Mónica and the rest of the (mainly female) team, here.