Finca Mónica women’s WSET scholarship 2022

2021 saw us launch our first WSET2 scholarship for women in the Spanish wine industry.  The winner, Ana Benés Olagaray, from Logroño, Rioja (pictured) won a WSET2 course with Vintage Class. Ana launched a new winemaking project – GR99 Viñedos de Paso –in May 2020, during the Covid lockdown, and is in charge of the marketing and administration side of the business.

We’d like to encourage more women like Ana to continue their careers in the wine industry, so we are re-launching our WSET scholarship for 2022. Open to women resident in Spain, who have been working in the world of wine for less than 10 years, candidates can come from any sector – winemaking, viticulture, sommeliers… the only requisite is that they must have studied a wine-related subject or have worked for at least a year in the sector.

The prize is a WSET 2 course with Vintage Class based in Aranda del Duero. The winner will have a year to book their course and can take it in person in a variety of locations: Haro, La Rioja, Aranda del Duero or the Balearic Islands or online in Spanish or English.   The course will explain the WSET’s systematic tasting technique and develop the student’s knowledge of the key international grapes and wine styles.

Finca Mónica is Long Wines’ brand of Rioja, made in the Rioja Oriental, which celebrates the work of women in the world of wine.   Although there are many women who work in the process of making and selling Finca Mónica – you can read about them here – we would like there to be many more women working in Spanish wineries.

Terms and conditions and the entry questions are available here  (Spanish only).

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