Interview with Rosa María Moreno of Long Wines

Rosa María Moreno is an Export Manager at Long Wines and holds the WSET-2 award in wines. She has over 18 years of experience as an account manager with a background in commercial management for eCommerce and payments. Originally from Spain, Rosa has lived in Ireland as well. She made a career change in 2020 when she decided to follow her passion and pivot away from eCommerce to the wine industry. Here is a conversation we had with her…

Hi Rosa, you recently joined the team at Long Wines. What is it that attracted you to the company?

Wine commerce was my professional goal and personal motivation. I found Long Wines very appealing to bring my expertise in commercial management and international affairs to the wine industry, which is my passion. I liked their approach to the business and how they are involved in every step of the winemaking process. They show their personality and identity. I thought it was cool, and I felt like a perfect fit for the team.

You started your career in commercial management for eCommerce and Payments companies, including PayPal. Why did you decide to switch to wine? 

I’m very grateful to have worked with great players in the Online Payments industry worldwide (Mastercard, Inditex, PayPal). After many years of managing financial projects and key accounts, I realised that my work life was becoming too abstract, data-oriented, and technical. I was losing touch with the more natural side of life. So I developed a preference for a less technical job, something less virtual… Then came the Covid pandemic. The lockdown made us review our priorities in life, and thousands of people decided to change their jobs;  a global event that has been called “The Great Resignation,” and I guess I am part of it. That gave me the push to change my career.

I understand you have the WSET level 2 award in wines. How did you find the course? What were the most valuable things you learnt?

WSET-2 gives you a global vision of the winemaking scene. The content is accepted internationally as the standard of knowledge, which is a great advantage. We all speak the same wine language, especially in terms of tasting technique. On top of that, it gives you the chance to taste exquisite styles. I really enjoyed that part! I truly recommend it, not just for professional purposes but for personal enjoyment as well.

Tell us about your role. What is it you do?

As Export Manager, my goal is assuring that our production capacity suits the importer’s supply-demand. That’s how I am introduced to the clients. I want to be considered their supportive partner. In a nutshell, I am always receptive to listening and identifying their needs so that I can offer a tailor-made recommendation for their business. Besides, I am always open to being their contact point for any request and assistance.

What do you most enjoy about your job?

My favourite part is communicating with our stakeholders. We are always thinking about a long-term relationship based on honesty and trust. I love feeling like I am really supporting them.  I am the person to trust for guidance, regardless of geographical distance. Another important part is that Long Wines embodies a spirit of teamwork, which is especially relevant during remote work. Every team member has great knowledge of the work, and they are always keen to help each other. It’s like a well-oiled machine.

Do you have any favourite Spanish wine regions?

I am very fond of Galicia. This region has a mystic touch… Not just their Celtic culture but their wet climate and soils then bring unique varieties to the world, such as Albariño. Their wine creations are unmistakably expressive and are a vivid reflection of their “terruño” (the Spanish word for “terroir”). From my point of view, Spanish North-West wines are a must for a proper cellar.

What’s your favourite recipe, and do you have a favourite wine to pair with it?

Where my family comes from, Segovia in Castilla León, lamb is a mandate. It’s a constant feature in every celebration. It’s really easy to make in the oven. Just make sure that you have plenty of time and no rush, and when paired with the velvet touch of a Crianza Tempranillo from D.O. Ribera del Duero… Supreme!

Where’s your favourite place to spend your holidays?

Any Mediterranean beach sounds like a perfect plan to me. I have an emotional connection with the Valencia coast, where I have great summertime memories of my childhood.

What do you enjoy doing outside work?

Running is my thing. I live in a small town close to the countryside. When you live surrounded by a relaxing landscape, that’s an invitation to get lost and connect with the environment and your inner thoughts. It’s really therapeutic.

Any fun hobbies?

It may sound weird, but my greatest hobby in the world, other than wine tasting, is the radio! I’ve been listening to the radio in an addictive way since I was a kid, missing hours of sleep hiding a radio under my pillow. For years I have hosted a radio show at a local radio station, and now I make a podcast for streaming online. My voice notes through Whatsapp are so extensive that you could call them a podcast as well…