Alma de Casa



At Long Wines we love the intense fruity wines from the lesser known DO Yecla in the south-east of Spain, and apparently Robert Parker agrees with us too: a few years ago he hailed it as one of Spain’s most interesting regions. We’ve been working closely with the Señorío de Barahonda winery in Yecla for years to produce our own brands and Alma de Casa, which means “soul of the house”, is the latest of them. Alma de Casa exudes all the spirit of the Monastrell grape, a variety highly prized in the Rhone Valley (Mourvedre) and Australia (Mataró), but to our mind a grape best suited to the warm south of Spain. This is a truly exuberant, drinkable, fruity young wine, and is perfect for both everyday drinking and special dinners. It has received gold awards in both years of its production.