Long Wines | Las Carlinas
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Las Carlinas

DO Campo de Borja


The wine world is becoming more aware of the exceptional quality and value-for-money offered by Spanish Garnacha when madefrom low-yielding old vines on poor soil at higher altitude.  Long Wines has worked with a small, specialist winery and our winemaker, Fernando Mora,to craft the definitive Old Vine Garnacha, sourced from bush vines of more than 25 years of age, grown on the characteristic rusty red, stony soil of the DO Campo de Borja in Aragón.  Here, the Garnacha vine thrives with the minimum of intervention, along with wild plants and flowers. These include the star-shapedCarlina thistle after which the range is named; pinned ondoors to ward off evil spirits, it is a traditional symbol of protection and strength.

REGION                                    AWARDS


Las Carlinas Old Vine Garnacha 2015

Bronze medal, IWC 2017

Las Carlinas Old Vine Garnacha 2014

Gold, Asia Wine Trophy 2016