Wein + Markt talks Spanish wine

German wine trade publication, Wein + Markt, has written a feature on Spanish wine after issuing a survey to 76 specialist wine retailers from across Germany. Having carried out the same survey in previous years it is interesting to assess changing attitudes to Spanish wine in this all-important market.

As a positive start, the responses to the questions “Are Spanish wines selling well?” and “Are wines from Rioja selling well?” were better than in previous years. However, respondents said that whites are not selling as well despite the popularity of Verdejo.

As regards the prices, 5-10€ is the most important price point, the range between 10-15€ works, but is not as successful.

Given our current drive to invest in brand building with the relaunch of certain products like Finca Mónica Rioja, we were pleased to hear that German retailers believe the quality/story behind the wine and the value-for-money is more important than the region.

Also interesting was the news that retailers are looking for new wines/styles and the interest in wines from less known regions is growing. The consumer likes the very appealing taste of Spanish wines and also the unusual, modern labels. Our Puerto del Monte Mencia from Bierzo and RAR from Priorat certainly tick all the boxes here.

To sum-up, the article said that Spanish bodegas produce good quality wines at a fair price, offering much better value-for-money when compared with Italian wines, for example.