El Bos Roble

Bullish re-launch for El Bos Toro Roble

Long Wines has updated the packaging for El Bos, its Toro brand. The new black livery highlights the wine’s masculine name and the big, bold style of the wine.

Bos is the genus for cattle and the wine continues to feature an origami toro – symbolic of the rural region that shares its name with the Spanish word for bull.

Produced with the region’s native Tinta de Toro variety –a clone of Tempranillo that has developed a particularly thick skin, giving a deep colour and rich aroma, although careful modern winemaking techniques – délestage and micro-oxigenation – have led to more restrained, elegant tannins than many of the region’s wines.

A wine with the colour, alcohol and structure for carnivorous Cabernet-lovers, it stands up to steaks, stews, barbecue dishes and spicy Mexican or Asian cuisine.