New POS materials for De Pró Cava | Long Wines
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New POS materials for De Pró Cava

In anticipation of “Cava season” we have introduced new branded stoppers for De Pró, along with one-bottle ice buckets and gift boxes.

The black “Millésime” stoppers and clear ice buckets are both practical and attractive for on-trade clients, while the luxury cardboard gift boxes (75cl) with gold-embossed logo are ideal for retail clients who wish to promote sales of the premium Cava as a present.

“De Pró” is Spanish for “spot on” or “outstanding”, making it the ideal name for this range of refreshing and elegant sparkling wines from the countryside near Barcelona. Traditionally bottle-fermented, just like Champagne, from high quality native grape varieties in the heart of the Cava region, De Pró’s fine, elegant bubbles and fresh, fruity taste will turn any occasion into a celebration.

Stocks are limited so importers should speak to their  contact at Long Wines without delay for details of the promotions.