Melea Monastrell

Introducing the New Melea Monastrell: leveraging the growing interest in organic wine from Jumilla

We are excited to announce the launch of the latest addition to the Melea hive – the Melea Monastrell. This new wine has been created in response to demand from our UK importers, North South Wines, and it comes as an exciting addition to our successful range of low intervention organic wines that support bee conservation charities.


Crafted at a medium-sized, family-run winery in the rugged region of Jumilla, Melea Monastrell embodies the essence of low-intervention, organic winemaking. It is made using the native Monastrell variety from organically certified, dry-farmed bush vines of 15 to 40 years of age planted at very low density (1400-1600 vines per hectare) at 380-730 metres above sea level. Fermented using native yeasts and minimal intervention techniques, the wine was fined using pea protein, making it suitable for vegans. The winery, which is run by four sisters, is IFS certified and holds official organic and vegan certifications.


Situated in south-eastern Spain, Jumilla is recognized as one of the world’s leading regions for organic wines, with over 65% of its vineyards being certified organic. Jumilla’s semi-arid climate, characterized by less than 300mm of rainfall annually, creates an environment with little risk of fungal diseases, enabling healthy grapes to be grown without the need for chemical treatments. Additionally, the chalky, stony soils further deter pests from establishing a foothold in the vineyards. Notably, the infamous phylloxera louse, which devastated vineyards across Europe in the late 19th century, has struggled to thrive in Jumilla, preserving old, often un-grafted vines.


The local Monastrell grape is well adapted to these conditions and the traditional bush vines are usually dry-farmed, leading to incredibly low yields, resulting in complex and concentrated wines that truly embody the essence of the region. This example is no exception, Melea Monastrell is a very bright and well-balanced expression of the Monastrell grape, with intense aromas of strawberry and red plum and fruit-driven freshness on the palate.


The quality-price ratio that these wines offer, along with increased promotional investment by the DO, has led to surging popularity in recent years, with a record-breaking 21.3 million bottles exported from the region during the 2020/21 period, accounting for 71% of the total wine production from the area. Among the top export markets, the United States led the pack, followed by Germany in second place, and the UK ranking third, with 1.9 million bottles shipped in 2020/2021.


With the introduction of Melea Monastrell, we aim to leverage this rising interest in Jumilla wines and offer our customers and partners an exciting new opportunity. The wine’s attractive price point aligns with our commitment to providing affordable yet high-quality and sustainable wines from Spain’s key wine regions.


Like all the wines in the Melea range, the new Monastrell also has a greater purpose. It contributes to our on-going mission to support NGOs dedicated to the conservation and protection of bee species. Through our wine sales, we strive to make a positive impact on the environment and contribute to a sustainable future for these crucial pollinators.


Please contact us for samples of Melea Monastrell – our new organic, low-intervention wine from DO Jumilla that supports bee conservation.